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Wing Chun Kung Fu

Bruce Lee & Yip Man chi sao

Yim Wing Chun was a beautiful young girl, but that beauty gave her problems when a local warlord wanted to take her for his bride. Seeing her distress Ng Mui a Buddhist nun of the southern shaolin Temple thought she could help, so spoke with her family then returned to shaolin with the young girl, To teach her a new fighting style that will help her to fight a much larger and stronger person, Ng Mui taught everything she could to Yim Wing Chun and so it was time for her to leave and return to her home town to face the warlord. She defeated the warlord easily and could now marry the man she loved who was also a skilled fighter.

Together they refined this new fighting system to make it less complicated and more efficient and with a centreline theory, simultaneous block and hit attacks, economy of movement, the four corners as its boundaries, and exercises including trapping hands and sticky hands(Chi Sao) to heighten sensitivity making it both dynamic and effective. Later in respect to his wife this new fighting system was to be named, Wing Chun.

Long Pole
Butterfly Knives

With its three forms starting with (Siu Lim Tao) little idea, (Chum Kiu) seeking hands, (Biu Gee) thrusting fingers, that all teach correct arm hand position combined with strong stance. Then there is the (Mook Tan Jhong) wooden dummy, the (Luk Dim Boon Gwan) the six and a half point pole, and the last to be taught because of the movements and control needed from all the other forms, the eight cutting Butterfly Knives, (Bak Jom Doa).

All these Wing Chun teachings were passed on to Yip Man who then taught both of his son's and the legendary Bruce Lee.

Wing Chun wooden dummy form
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