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Sifu Neal Haxton

Sifu Neal Haxton

The Kali Kris Blade

   Sifu Neal Haxton’s first encounter with Martial Arts came from watching the Kung Fu series with David Carradine; however , Jackie Chan’s movie’ Snake in the Eagles Shadow’ was the inspirational  that pushed him to learn a traditional Martial Art. Feeling inspired and motivated; Neal discovered and joined a Wing Chun school run by Sifu Dave Carnell, who at the time was the first instructor under Master Samuel Kwok, a student of Yip Chun,  Grandmaster Yip Man’s son.


   Neal's  journey began in the traditional Martial Art of  Wing Chun under Sifu Dave Carnell. Neal passed his first red sash grade In early 1984, which inspired him to keep going forward.  Neal later found out that Bruce Lee was also a student of Wing Chun under Grandmaster Yip Man. Which helped Neal to push  hard to become the best he could be at Wing Chun.


   After studying Wing Chun for some years, Sifu Dave Carnell started Neal’s training in Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali and Pentjak Silat. This gave him the opportunity to attend seminars with masters such as Guru Dan Inosanto, Ted Wong, Dan Lee, Jerry Poteet, Larry Hartsell, Chris Kent, Tim Tacket and Master Chai Sirisute to name a few; although for Neal, Guru Cass Magda became a major influence. In the early 90’s, Neal became interested in and began to study Muay Thai at a nearby Master Sken academy. This enabled him to come to fully appreciate and understand this powerful art of fighting.


   In 1992, Neal had the opportunity to assist Sifu Dave Carnell on his first seminar and also subsequent seminars for many years. During this time, he travelled extensively around the UK and Europe. This experience further expanded Neal’s knowledge of the Martial Arts he had been studying, culminating in him gaining his Instructor Certificate from Sifu Dave Carnell in 1997.


   With a drive to continue learning, Neal began Jujitsu training in 2000. Three years later he became the winner of the first Impact Inter-club grappling competition. Then in 2005 Sifu Neal competed in two MMA Cage fights winning both fights, one by first round TKO then a second round win by Kimura armlock.


   Whilst obtaining his instructor certificate from Sifu Dave Carnell in 1997. Neal continued to advance his instructor qualification; travelling to the Cass Magda Instructor Camp in the United States in 2001 and again in 2008. Neal was awarded his full Instructor Certificate from Guru Cass Magda in 2009. Since then Sifu Neal has continued to instruct in the arts of Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Filipino Kali and Pentjak Silat.

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