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Originating in the Philippines, this fighting art has been used by the Filipino people for centuries to protect their islands. Within the Philippines there are many difference styles (or systems) that use a variety of weapons, including swords, knives, clubs, staffs, and hardwood and rattan sticks. Some styles might only use a single stick or knife yet other prefer double stick or sword and dagger, whatever there preference these fighting systems are deadly.

Each style has is own tactics for example, De Fondo means to plant your feet and hold your ground, Largo Mano is the long hand or to extend one's reach. Some styles will use only a circling motion, yet others just retreat or use evasive movements, there are systems that move in then out and circle their opponent as they control the range with there attack and defence like with the Numerado system.

There attacks come from many different angles, most will use 12 angles of attack, and have a variety of ways to strike like to thrust or stab, cut or slash, some circle while others move in a diagonal motion with there weapon. They have many different footwork patterns, locks, throws, kicks and foot sweeps, and empty hand techniques that makes Kali a very effective fighting art.

Sifu Neal Haxton
The Kali Kris Blade
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